Kids Cancer Sequencing Program


The SickKids Cancer Sequencing Program (KiCS) is a research study at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (SickKids) designed to learn how to best use a new type of genetic test, called next generation sequencing (NGS) in clinical cancer care. This program is for children who have been diagnosed with a solid tumor or a blood cancer (leukemia or lymphoma).

The test will be used to learn about the genome of a child’s cancer and healthy cells. By doing this, researchers want to know if this new test can help:

  1. Better characterize a child’s tumor and identify its unique genetic fingerprint.
  2. Use this information to identify specific treatment options for a child’s tumor.
  3. Use this information to follow a tumor’s response to treatment.
  4. Gain information about a child’s prognosis.
  5. Understand the cause of a child’s cancer.

Most children with tumors do not yet have this kind of test as part of their regular care.