Research is essential in developing more effective treatments and ultimately a cure. Donations to our foundation support research that explores why some children develop brain tumors, how to improve treatment efficacy and produce better outcomes.

We are specifically driven toward supporting clinical research aimed at developing targeted therapies for children’s with brain tumors. The “one size fits all” approach to treating pediatric brain tumors is often times not effective. Pediatric brain tumors, from a molecular standpoint, are very different from adult brain tumors.  Genomic sequencing of these tumors allows researchers and clinicians to obtain genetic data which can be used to test different drugs against tumors and develop precision medicine.

It may take years of research to truly understand the causes of brain tumors and develop more effective treatments and cures. But, funding the collaboration of researchers around the world so they can share their successes and failures is vital and made possible with your donations to The Aiden Snyder Pediatric Brain Cancer Foundation.


In addition to supporting cutting edge research, The Aiden Snyder Pediatric Brain Cancer Foundation supports initiatives to assist children in coping with their cancer diagnosis and the hospital experience. The hospital can be a scary place for a child. Many children receiving treatment for brain tumors are required to spend a significant amount of overnights in the hospital leaving a parent, siblings and friends behind. Normalizing hospital life and helping children experience joy in a treatment setting goes hand in hand with developing more effective therapies.